Welcome to FWJLS
March 15th, 2017

A special message from the Ballinger Family and Jefferson Letter Service:

To our loyal clients, vendors, partners, family and friends,

You have heard the old adage that “All good things must come to an end”. Well, that is the case
today. My family and I are sad and excited at the same time to inform you that we have decided to
retire. After serving the needs of our clients since 1959, we have decided to turn the page and settle
down. There are no hardships, issues, or struggles that have led to this decision. It is simply time
for us to move on with the next phase of our lives.

I am so very excited that we have found Robert Gregory and Ty Mcinturff to partner with Chad Watson
to take over the business. Chad will remain the main point of contact, as the General Manager,
and will be continuing to serve your day to day needs as he always has. This will not change. Ric
Gladiuex will remain and will work alongside Chad to serve our client’s every need. As you can see,
Chad and Ric, will continue the operations that we have built at JLS and thus there will be no disruption
in our service or commitment to our client’s needs.

Over the time that I have been meeting with and dealing with Robert Gregory and Ty Mctinturff, I
have grown more comfortable than ever that these two polished businessmen are poised to take
what is great at JLS and make it better. Robert and Ty are investing heavily in the company both
financially as well as personal time and attention into the nurturing of JLS and it’s client relationships.
Ty will be acting as President, working alongside Chad to assist in all customer relations, moving the
business to a new location, and increasing efficiencies overall. Robert will be acting as CEO and is
active in developing a new logo, website, point of sale technology and many more enhancements to
the way that JLS functions with it’s clients.

As stated above, the business will be moving to a new address in mid April, 2017. The NEW ADDRESS
will be 1627 S. Calhoun Street, FT Wayne IN 46802. The new space and offices will be
located only a few blocks from the post office and allow JLS to operate more smoothly in it’s mailing
services. The phone number will remain the same and a new website is being developed.

Our family fully endorses the new ownership of JLS and we have and will continue to fully cooperate
in the transition to new ownership and new office space. Our decision was simply to retire as the
time has come and we loved every minute of owning JLS. Please join us in supporting Ty, Robert,
Chad and Ric in the new chapter of JLS. We hope and ask that you continue to do business with
JLS for as long as your mailing needs continue.


With many thanks,

Mark Ballinger